Adriano Comai - curriculum vitae


First Name: Adriano

Last Name: Comai

Date of Birth: September 4th, 1958

Place of Birth: Torino (Turin), Italy.

Address: Corso Agnelli 38, 10137 Torino, Italy



Member of IEEE Computer Society, ACM and AST (Association for Software Testing)

Educational Qualifications:

Degree in Literature and Philosophy, University of Turin, 1986, score 110/110 "with laud". My thesis was on the use of computers in humanities and italian literature at the beginning of the sixties.


Professional activities:

I’m a consultant, and a teacher. From the beginning of my IT experience (1981) I’ve been in the Sw Engineering field, at first only working in projects (1982-85), then also as a consultant and a teacher (Structured Techniques, Data and DataBase Administration, OOAD, Requirements Management, SW Process Improvement), working with many large italian business as customers, in various markets (banking, automotive, telecoms, services).

I contribute to the evolution of software standards, such as UML (Unified Modeling Language), IFML (Interaction FLow Modeling Language), and Semat (Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods ).

1997 – now

As a consultant:

As a teacher, my courses "Managing Requirements with Use Cases" and "SW Analysis and Design with UML" have been taught in many large italian organizations.


I founded and was the Managing Director of a small IT consultancy, Tecnet Dati srl. I managed to make the firm grow, positioning it as a niche player in the data and database consulting and teaching field, with a customer base made of large companies.

While managing the firm, I never completely stopped from being involved in consulting and teaching, broadening my professional interests from the data design field to software engineering methods and processes, and from the structured approach to the object orientation. Typical jobs: sw development process definition, tutoring of customer projects on data modeling, structured analysis and design, software architecture definition.

At the beginning of 1997 I left the firm in order to focus my work entirely on professional activities.


I started as a programmer (IMS, CICS, Cobol, DL/I, IDMS), then designer, to end as system analyst, working on three projects in Fiat Auto, one in Telecom Italia

Then I specialized in data modeling and database design, and I began my teaching activities (data modeling, relational topics), first within a Milan firm (CTC), then on my own.

Courses (as a teacher)

From the beginning to 1997: Data Modeling, Structured Analysis, Structured Design, Information Engineering, Designing Client-Server Applications, Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design.

Now, mostly, "Managing Requirements with Use Cases" Business Modeling, and "Application Development with UML". Up to now, I taught such topics in more than 300 sessions, usually in Italian language, a few times in English.


I write for italian IT magazines from 1988, about software engineering and software development topics.

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